The Tragedy of John

a new play by Neal Zupancic
directed by Corinne Neal

"...a crisply written, neatly produced sort-of-romantic comedy"--Ron Cohen, Backstage

"The Tragedy of John is an intelligent and entertaining play with an excellent group of actors. Catch it while you can"

John hates everything–and since he has everything, he's pretty miserable. Lucky for him, he finds a way to throw it all away!

Previewed: April 26 & 27 2007
Performed: April 28-May 13, 2007
Directed by:Corinne Neal
Starring: Benjamin G. Bowman, Nathan Brisby, Gregory Engbrecht, John Forkner, Liam Joynt, Desirée Matthews, Christina Shipp
Lighting Design: Wilburn Bonnell
Sound Design: Geoffrey Roecker
Set Design: Corinne Neal & Wilburn Bonnell
Stage Manager: Marcus Cooper
Associate Producer: Nicollette Calloway
Producer: Jesse Edward Rosbrow
Venue: The Studio Theatre at Theatre Row