The Ocean is Big and the Sky is Blue Photo Gallery

The Ocean Is Big And The Sky is Blue

Three new one-act plays

Performed:June 9-24 [Year]

Could You Back Up?

collaboratively developed by Maddy Burns, Lindsey Carr, Marc Etlin, Marc Hartstein, Owen Henkel, Alan McNaney, Jesse Edward Rosbrow, Valery Rousset, Joanna Russo, Neal Zupancic
directed by Marc Etlin
Starring: Maddy Burns, Lindsey Carr, Owen Henkel, Alan McNaney, Neal Zupancic


by Nicholas J. Nigro & Michael Gemme
directed by Jesse Edward Rosbrow
Starring: Lindsey Carr, Juliet O'Brien Assisstant Director: Neal Zupancic


by Anna O'Donaghue
directed by Joanna Russo
Starring: Nicolette Callaway, Meagan English

Coordinator of the Evening: Neal Zupancic
Sound Designer: Phil Cramer
Master Carpenter and Contraptionist: Neal Zupancic
Master Electrician: Marc Hartstein
Producer: Jesse Edward Rosbrow
Associate Producers: Marc Etlin & Neal Zupancic