Cherry Docs

written and directed by David Gow

"[S]ome of the most skillful acting I've seen off-off Broadway"--Kristen Skye Hoffmann,

"V]isceral and uncompromising.... [S]wift and gritty.... I cannot recommend this play enough."--Zack Calhoon, Visible Soul

A Neo-Nazi Skinhead is on trial for a racially motivated murder and is being defended by a court appointed liberal Jewish lawyer. Over the course of the trial each man finds his belief system challenged as he is forced to delve into his own conscience and to reluctantly examine the limits of his own prejudices.

Previewed: April 24-May 1 2008
Performed: May 2-May 18, 2008
Starring: Mark Zeisler, Maximilian Osinski
Lighting Design: Ryan Metzler
Scenic Design: Caleb Levengood
Costume Design: Elizabeth Hammett
Stage Management: Alexander Yakovleff
Production Manager: Christopher Hardy
Press Representative: Emily Owens PR
Producers: Nicholas J. Nigro, Jesse Edward Rosbrow & Elizabeth Hammett
Venue: Workshop Theatre

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