Jesse Edward Rosbrow
Artistic Director
Geoffrey Barrows
Associate Director of Development
Justin Howard
Director of Communications

What is Theatre of the Expendable (TotE)'s mission?

"To develop and produce provocative theatre for the general public that will challenge and expand existing perceptions regarding persons and groups whom society has given up on and who have given up on themselves. To keep admission prices well below market value so that we may develop new and broader audiences who may not have access to a wide variety of culture."

That's the official, lawyer-speak version. In theatre-person terms, how would we translate that?

"We develop and produce plays that ask our audience members how people become expendable. Also, since we view no audience members as expendable, we keep our ticket prices low – often lower than, and never higher than, the price of an average movie theatre ticket."

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Arienne Pelletier
Staff Producer
Emily Owens PR
Press Representative